Arsenal 2019/20 Home and Away Kit Predictions (according to leaks)

Another set of kits from my series of kit predictions. You can see both kits - and more detailed pictures - at Football Shirt Culture, Be sure to check it out! 
This time, Arsenal. Their home kit, according to leaks (as seen on Footyheadlines) , will feature a classic Gunners kit, composed of a red shirt with white sleeves (and, of course, the three adidas stripes, in this case also white), white shorts and white socks, both of the with red stripes. I've also included some blue details, which I'm not sure will be featured on the actual kit, but looked good on the adidas template anyway.
For the away one, leaks say the kit will be yellow-blue-yellow, and, most distinctively, will be inspired by the "Bruised Banana" kit from the early 90s. In this predicition, I decided to use the graphic in a more subtle way - a darker shade of yellow, instead of the garish blue from the 90s.

Chelsea 2019-20 Home Kit Prediction (according to leaks)

This is part of a series of predictions I'm doing for the 2019-20 season. You can see a more complete descriptions of the kit on The kit is blue (apart from the white socks) and features details in red and white. Most distinctively is a graphic representing Stamford Bridge, Chelsea's home ground.

Rayo Vallecano Fantasy Home Kit

Just testing out a new template, which simulates a locker room.
Describing the kit itself, it's a traditionall all-white kit of Rayo Vallecano, but with a twist: the red sash is a stylized lighting bolt. Black Kelme logos complete the kit.

Barcelona 2019-20 kit predictions (based on leaks)

This is part of a series of predctions regarding Nike 2019-20 kits.

First of all, let's talk about the template. While I can't give 100% certainty, Nike will probably use a template very similar to this one for their home and away shirts next season (For instance, you can see an example here: I'm not so sure about the shorts and socks, though.

As for the third kits, Nike will go for a 90s approach to their designs. This will likely include polo collars and distinctive graphics, as well as using their "old" logo (with the name "NIKE" above the swoosh).


Now, talking about Barça specifically, we have a home kit that, according to leaks, will feature a chequered pattern for the first time. For the away, a blaugrana sash will be present. And finally, while this is simply a guess, I used Barça's iconic 1997 kit as a inspiration for the graphic used on my kit (since…

Detroit Turbo (Fantasy MLS Team #2)

Another fantasy MLS team, this time the Detroit Turbo, whose name is a reference to the automotive industry of the city.

Crest: the crest obviously features a turbocharger, giving name to the team.

Home kit: blue shirt, white shorts and blue socks. Features hoops with a chequered pattern, which represents a finish line flag, often present in racing events.

Away kit: black shirt with a chequered stripe - again, a nod to finish line flags in racing -, blue shorts, black socks.

Third kit: white shirt, black shorts, white socks, with a stylized "T" (as in "Turbo") in blue and black on the shirt.

Phoenix Flames (Fantasy MLS team)

This is PhoenixFlames F. C., a fantasy MLS team I invented, based on - you guessed it - Phoenix, AZ. :D .
So, let's divide the image by sections:

Crest: starting from the most important, the crest is pretty simple, featuring a phoenix bird - which represents the city -, and a star - which represents the state of Arizona.

Home kit: it consists of red shirt, black shorts and red socks. The shirt also has a graphic that should ressemble stylized bonfires - I know, it doesn't -, a nod to the name of the team ("Flames").

Away kit: away kit is composed of black shirts, red shorts and black socks. The shirt uses a graphic that represents the sunrise - a reference to the Phoenix metropolitan area, known as the Valley of the Sun.

Third kit: all orange with a PSG-style black and red stripe. No references here, just thought it would look cool.

Hope you guys like it!

Dinamo Zagreb Fantasy Home Kit

Another kit designed for the Kit of the Week competition over at This time, traditional Croatian side Dinamo Zagreb. The distinctive feature of this kit is the stylized chequered pattern on the shirt. Details in red, white and blue on the collar, sleeves and shorts complete the kit.

Japan Fantasy Home and Away Kits

Home and Away kits for Japan. The home kit is inspired by the sea depictions in Ukiyo-e art, while the away one is based on the sakura tree, one of the symbols of the country!

PSV (Netherlands) Fantasy Away Jersey

A simple away PSV jersey I've designed for the KOTW competition on The light blue colour is traditionally used on PSV's away kits, and the chequered pattern on the hoops is a reference to Eindhoven's flag.

Fortaleza EC (Brazil) Crest Redesign and Home and Away kit designs / Redesenho do escudo e uniformes I e II do Fortaleza EC

Fortaleza is a traditional club from Brazil, located in the homonymous city of Fortaleza, in the state of Ceará. In this "rebranding", I tried to modernize the crest a bit. I also decided to create new uniforms!


O Fortaleza é um time tradicional do Brasil, localizado na cidade homônima de Fortaleza, no Ceará. Nesse "rebranding", tentei modernizar um pouco o escudo do time, e aproveitei para criar novos uniformes!